Practice Philosophy


Our team is committed to providing a pleasant orthodontic experience for you, whether you are the patient, parent, or guardian arriving at our office. Our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable staff will assist you in addressing any concerns that you may have, ranging from orthodontic treatment to administrative questions.

We keep up with the latest orthodontic advancements, both in treatment modalities and office technology. Our staff regularly attends seminars devoted to improving diagnosis, treatment, technology, and practice management.

Our philosophy is to address your concerns and strive to meet these needs. After a thorough initial exam, Dr. Le will provide an individually-tailored treatment plan with a goal to deliver the highest possible level of care and service in the most efficient and effective way.

Dr. Le diagnoses and treats the mal-alignment of dento-facial structures to improve the function and esthetics of the teeth, jaws, and soft tissues. Through growth modification treatment, he is able to address certain jaw mal-alignment in children as early as age seven if this is needed. If starting braces is not the right thing to do at this time, Dr. Le will let you know and we will be glad to schedule a re-evaluation for a later time.  If you are an adult patient seeking improvement in your smile and jaw function, Dr. Le will provide a thorough evaluation and diagnosis with an in-depth discussion about the best treatment options, with full focus on your primary concern.  Depending on the severity of the dental and jaw discrepancies, treatment options may involve minor teeth movement using the contemporary Invisalign treatment or involve a comprehensive approach. Dr. Le also has experience with the surgical placement of individual TADs (Temporary Anchorage Device implants) to aid in the efficient movement of teeth while patients are in braces.

Through his commitment to providing quality orthodontic care for children and adults, Dr. Le's goal is "to make a positive difference in a patient's life through comprehensive orthodontic care in a personable and relaxing environment."

Tysons Orthodontic Care

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